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Our goal is to create space for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. We strongly believe only people who built their own businesses are able to teach business. ASBIRO is the only school in Poland in which all of the lecturers are businessmen: business owners, CEOs and the best business trainers in the country.








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Some of our speakers

  • Thomas Aubrey

    United Kingdom

    A graduate of the London School of Economics, a creator of a legendary financial company Credit Capital Advisory, dealing with, among others, management of debt funds, high risk funds and private equity.

  • Krzysztof Bakalarz


    A psychologist and a business trainer. Conducts training and consultations on sales, negotiations, team building, effective communication, coping with stress, etc.

  • Tom W. Bell


    Professor Tom W. Bell is a graduate of the University of Chicago, he practiced law in Silicon Valley and Washington, later holding the position of Policy Director at the Cato Institute. Since 1998 he has been teachning law at Chapman University.

  • Calum Cameron

    United Kingdom

    He is a Managing Director of one of the leading European startup accelerators Startup Wise Guys located in Estonia. He has about 20 years of experience working with technology companies.

  • Chanshi Chanda


    A zambian entrepreneur actively promoting free market. In his lectures he is showing how to start a business in Africa, noting it is a continent full of opportunities.

  • John Chisholm

    United Kingdom

    John Chisholm has over thirty years experience as an entrepreneur and during that time he held many executive positions. In 1997 he founded and was the CEO of CustomerSat, which later on was sold to Market Tools.

  • Krystyna Czerwińska

    United Kingdom / Poland

    An entrepreneur, an owner and a director of three companies in Bradford. A founder of the 'Yorkshire Polish Business Club' - a networking club for entrepreneurs and professionals in the UK. Passionate about business and positive thinking.

  • William Danko


    A co-author, next to Thomas Stanley, of a bestseller of all time "Secrets of American millionaires" (The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy), the The New York Times bestseller.

  • Ian R. Davison

    USA / United Kingdom

    Ian is an outstanding entrepreneur associated with advanced technologies and he was responsible for setting up several successful startups. He is a board member of the Massachusetts Network Communications Council.

  • Gabriel Delgado


    A grandson of Manuel F. Ayau, a founder of the world's first libertarian university, one of the best Latin American universities, Universidad Francisco Marroquin. He is an entrepreneur with over a dozen major start-ups in the field of telecommunication, cryptocurrencies, and the Internet, including, among others, Widefense and Haven Capital. His fame in the business world was gained thanks to his initiative of building so-called special jurisdiction in Honduras, commonly known as "Hong Kong in the Americas (ZEDE)." Gabriel is an owner of ZEDE.

  • Jacek Gniadek

    Zambia / Poland

    A priest, an economist, a theologian, a missionary, runs schools and kindergartens in Africa. Author of a book "Two People from Galicia".

  • Hans Hoppe


    A lecturer at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, a well-known economist, a representant of the Austrian School.

  • Vít Jedlička


    A discoverer, a founder of Liberland and currently the president of this country. Liberland is the first actually private country in the world, which in mid-April 2016 will celebrate its first anniversary.

  • Frank Karsten


    An entrepreneur, a president and a founder of Stichting Meer Vrijheid (More Freedom Foundation) in the Netherlands. Author of a book "Beyond Demokracy" (Myths of Democracy).

  • Marek Kowalczyk


    Marek Kowalczyk is an expert in on-time project management based on Goldratt’s critical chain method. He and his team have helped deliver Europe’s largest IPO — that of the Polish Energy Group — to an ‘impossible’ deadline of seven months (the project team consisted of 2000 people and its value was 2 billion dollars). Marek is also an entrepreneur (, a publisher ( and a TEDx organizer ( He teaches Project Management at several universities, including the Polish Academy of Sciences.

  • Michael Krajewski

    United Kingdom

    An owner of a steel company in London. In his opinion any company should operate without an owner and he is passionate about how to acheive it.

  • Jan Kubań


    An entrepreneur, an owner of a company that produces QBS computer software. He works so well with people that even though he runs his own company, he still has time to create a Physics of Life - a general theory that is very helpful in understanding the world and managing the company.

  • Elżbieta Marciniak


    An entrepreneur, PhD in economics, a co-founder and currently a chairman of the supervisory board of Bakalland.

  • Piotr Motyl

    Thailand / Poland

    An entrepreneur, an advisor in the field of e-commerce. Deals with the sale of training and ready tools and solutions for earning money via the Internet.

  • Sławek Muturi

    Poland / Kenia

    A former consultant in Andersen and Deloitte. He achieved financial freedom by buying (since 1998) apartments for rent. Author of 5 books and a blog ( Founder of Mzuri - a company that manages over 1,200 apartments for rent throughout Poland and Mzuri Crowd Fund Investing - a platform for group investment in apartments and apartment buildings for rent (

  • Joanna Nagadowska

    Poland / USA

    Export & Startup Industry Manager in Google Warsaw. Working in Google for over 7 years. In Google Poland she is responsible for cooperation with technology companies operating globally, supporting their foreign expansion. Previously associated with tourism industry, she was responsible for development and planning a strategy of the Polish tourism industry online. She is a graduate of the University of Vienna in Austria, EUV in Germany and the University of Montevideo in Uruguay.

  • Marek Niedźwiedź

    United Kingdom

    An entrepreneur, an investor, a director at Mar-Pro Invest Ltd - which is an owner of a work agency, an accounting and consulting company and a newspaper.

  • Julita Nikonowicz

    United Kingdom

    She runs the Financial Expert Group, which has a wide and integrated range of financial and legal services. Julita is a coach and a tax advisor. An expert in finances in the UK. She turned her passion into a very profitable business -

  • Joao Panciano

    United Kingdom

    An entrepreneur and a scientist, a specialist in the field of employment. He is a chairman of the Institution of Engineering and Technology for the Manchester Network. He runs his own company ‘Innovation Studio’.

  • Emilia Pienicka


    A lawyer, a Junior Associate at the Miller Law Firm. Since the beginning of his career he has been providing legal advice internationally. He has experience in introducing Polish entrepreneurs to the western markets, including, in particular, preparation of commercial contracts, corporate services for companies, conducting commercial transactions and negotiations between entrepreneurs.

  • Chris Prusik

    United Kingdom

    An entrepreneur and an owner of an interactive agency ‘Good Deal London Ltd’.

  • Józef Sarach


    Józef is a Pole to the core but has been living in the Philippines for over 32 years. He is a citizen of Asia and Europe. His business ventures are set up in Asia. He delivers products to European customers and offers European technologies and products to the Philippine government.

  • Josef Sima

    Czech Republic

    A professor of Economics, a founder of the Mises Institute in Prague, and currently a director of the CEVRO Institute in Prague, founded 10 years ago by a Free-Market University. The school specializes in teaching economics and other social sciences as well as law. The specialty of prof. Josef Sima is the theory of the Austrian School. He is one of its most outstanding European representatives.

  • Mark Skousen


    An entrepreneur, an investor, an economist who runs three investment funds in the United States.

  • John R. Spence

    United Kingdom

    A specialist in developing referral and networking skills for businesses and individuals. An author of ‘The Executive Programme in Professional and Business Networking’.

  • David Stockman


    An entrepreneur, an American politician, he was a senator and a finance minister in the government of Ronald Regan.

  • Ronald Stöferle


    He is not only a co-author of the Austrian investment bible, but above all, a managing partner in the Incrementum AG financial company. In 2006 he joined the Viennese Erste Group Bank managing international securities and began writing reports on gold. His six reports titled In GOLD We TRUST gained international fame through CNBC and Bloomberg networks and were also published in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. In the Bloomberg rankinhg he was considered one of two most accurate gold market analysts. Ronald managed basket of shares of two gold mining companies and one basket of silver mining company, for Erste Group. He is a partner in many companies managing international securities.

  • Rahim Taghizadegan


    An economist and a economic philosopher from Austria. A founder and a director of an educational company ( in Vienna. An university lecturer in Liechtenstein and Krems; University of Economics in Vienna, Halle, and the International Academy of Philosophy (Lichtenstein). A co-author and an editor of already mentioned Austrian School for investors.

  • John Tamny


    An outstanding American economic journalist, known primarily from the columns of magazines Forbes and Reason. He runs a very influential and popular online journal RealClearMarkets. He is a market analyst and an advisor in the investment company Toreador Research & Trading. The book "Popular Economics", published in 2015, brought him real fame.

  • Jonah Ulebor

    United Kingdom

    Jonah Ulebor - CEO/Managing Director at Webstrat Consulting Ltd Webstrat Consulting who helps small businesses grow by making them more efficient through the power of the Internet, by developing online marketing strategy; running campaign’s to improve traffic, marketing both events & product. Nigerian born Jonah is a soloprenuer.

  • Tony Ward

    United Kingdom

    An owner and a Managing Director at ‘Force 10 Recruitment Ltd’ – specialist recruitment agency that assists ex armed force personnel. Also a director of ‘Force 10 Property Management’ – Yorkshire property management & letting agent.

  • Sebastian Wiesiołek

    Switzerland / Germany

    For several years he had been running a dozen or so construction companies in Germany. A business partner of Strabag AG and Ed.Züblin AG. He is a member of the Handwerkskammer München (German Chamber of Crafts in Munich) with a current championship title. An owner of a Swiss Joint-Stock Company manufacturing products of natural origin for Asian markets. Experienced in selling European products to the Chinese market. He has many years of experience in managing company in dealing with neighboring countries: Switzerland and Germany.

  • Tadeusz Witkowicz


    A Polish-born billionaire. He built Artel, CrossComm and Adlex, which he sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Miao Zhi Cheng

    China / Estonia

    Works in IT industry, currently for Microsoft and Skype.

  • Aleksander Wala

    Poland / Czech Republic

    An entrepreneur, a specialist in the field of international taxation, runs accounting offices in several countries.

  • Dominik Tomczyk


    In 2004 he joined Grupa LOTOS where he worked as a Head of Logistics. Later on he worked as a Chief Operational Officer at LOTOS Oil (2004-2007), and then a member of the Management Board, a Chief Operational Officer and President of the Management Board. From 2011, as the President of the Management Board, he prepared a management buyout of LOTOS Parafiny Sp. z o.o. from Grupa LOTOS SA Capital Group structures, by 10 January 2012, together with the KROKUS PE private equity fund, made a (L) MBO transaction. Since then he has been the President of the Management Board - the Chief Executive of POLWAX S.A. October 6, 2014 POLWAX S.A. under his leadership it debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

  • Kamil Cebulski


    An entrepreneur, a journalist and a founder of the ASBIRO University

  • Jakub Sobczak


    He was a pioneer in Crowdfunding in Poland. He runs the largest social financing platform in Poland - Thanks to which he managed to positively implement almost 1500 projects for over 18 million PLN. He is also a co-founder of the Polak Pomaga Foundation, which runs a charity platform He is a follower of a principle "Your thoughts create your reality".

  • Małgorzata Plutecka

    United Kingdom

    Has been working in the accounting and finance industry for many years. She became a director of three complementary limited companies. Main company is called Target Accounting and the other two are 555 Properties Ltd and Sepera Ltd.

  • Wojciech Orzechowski


    A businessman, an investor, a coach and a rentier. He is a creator of the Investments in Real Estate Workshops -®, author of a book "Earn on Real Estate" and a creator of the "Rentier" real estate investment simulator. Wojciech has been in the Community Board of commercial premises for 4 years, managing real estate worth over 60 million PLN.

  • Krzysztof Marczak


    A president in UNISystems Research Inc. - an investment company located in New Jersey, USA. He is a capital market expert.

  • Michał Leszek


    An entrepreneur and a creator of Kruger & Matz - a polish brand owned by Lechpol, specializing in the import of mobile devices and audio equipment. Kruger & Matz has exists on polish market for six years, Lechpol company itself has over 25 years experience on the market and employs over 250 people.

  • Karen Lerner

    United Kingdom

    Speaking to Keren is always as valuable as she is sharp, full of good ideas and has a real understanding of business and marketing. She ran her business, Top Left Design, successfully for 12 years. Keren has extensive experience in marketing, new business development, hiring and retaining loyal staff, creating business processes and productivity.

  • Paweł Królak


    An entrepreneur, a business strategist and an architect of systems accelerating the development of the company, passionate about non-standard marketing, leadership and management. An owner of "Getting Better Company" and a lecturer at MBA studies. He advises clients of the Better and Better Company in the field of business strategy, marketing and management.

  • Mark Johnson

    United Kingdom

    An entrepreneur and a real property investor. The owner of ‘MrSparkles’ – big cleaning company based in Chesterfield.

  • Ryszard Jaszczyński


    An entrepreneur and an investor in real estate. He works on the stock market and is an author of a book "Droga do Zamożności".

  • Kacper Górski


    Kacper is an entrepreneur who runs a company that creates online games.

  • Cezary Głuch

    Poland / Spain

    The most mysterious of European (and maybe even world) financiers. He does not speak much about himself but he has already got wealthy and moved into the big world of finances. He deals with investment consulting. His Independent Trader blog is considered the best Polish investment and advisory portal.

  • Kamil Gancarz


    Entrepreneur, specialist in the field of finance and tax optimization.

  • Sebastian Fuz

    United Kingdom

    An entrepreneur and a Director of ‘City & Country Financial Services’, an Independent Financial Advisory firm based in London. A very keen networker, a football fan and a dad of a beautiful girl named Eliza.

  • Zbigniew Dzideczek


    An entrepreneur and an economic practitioner, specializing in business restructuring and negotiations. The member of the board and/or a director in such companies as Huta Stalowa Wola, Ursus, CIECH, PZL Mielec, co-founder of the GEBO Institute. He gained international experience working at the trade offices of Huta Stalowa Wola and PHZ Bumar in North Africa. He successfully managed and finalized multimillion trade negotiations on the markets of China, Pakistan, Morocco, South Africa and Brazil.

  • Maciej Dutko


    An entrepreneur, an investor, a Certified Allegro Lecturer and an author ("Bargain, Zen Negotiations", "E-business Bible", "Tiger Effect"). A columnist, an academic lecturer, an author of a blog Recognized as one of the 100 most inspiring people in Polish interactive industry, called the "doctor of the House of Polish Internet". The owner of auditing company and probably the largest editorial company in Poland

  • Dawid Dudek


    An entrepreneur, a business trainer, specializes in sales training, customer acquisition techniques and behavioral advertising targeting. For past two years he has been involved in the analysis of social media, focused on searching for investment opportunities on the real estate market. In its activities, he focuses primarily on looking for contacts to people in dept who have attractive properties for investors. The author of " the Bible of Cheap Flying". He teaches how to fly around the world cheaply. He runs a blog:

  • Dawid Dowbusz

    United Kingdom

    An investor in the real estate industry, a trainer. He is a founder of ASBIRO Investors.


To broaden business horizons ASBIRO organizes trips to different parts of world where the participants can get new business ideas and make contacts. During the trips we meet local entrepreneurs, lawyers and accountants who teach us how to run a company in their country.
So far we have been to Germany, Norway, China and many other countries all over the world.

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